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Industry-specific forums & major events throughout the year

Black Business Network Forum

CIANJ is proud to announce the launch of the Black Business Network Forum to highlight diversity in New Jersey's business community. The Black Business Network Forum will strengthen the business community around the state and forge connections between CIANJ members.

Environmental Business Council

Since its inception, the EBC’s mission has been to recognize the important economic role the environmental industry plays within the state, to demonstrate that environmental issues are also business issues, and to teach the business and regulatory communities that environmental responsibility and economic growth are fundamentally related.

Family-Owned Business Forum

Family-owned businesses take pride in building a lasting legacy, experiencing a shared history and helping their communities thrive. This roundtable will explore the unique challenges they face and provide an opportunity to develop relationships with other smart business owners.

Generation Now: A Young Professionals Organization

Generation Now is a group of young professionals in alliance with one another for the purpose of education, networking and peer-to-peer exchange leading to personal and professional growth.

Healthcare Forum

Hospitals, insurers, educators and providers, as well as pharmaceutical companies and others in the healthcare industry are active in this roundtable. It examines issues such as the burgeoning for-profit hospital market in New Jersey and federal healthcare reform.

Higher Education Forum

The foundation of any strong economy is a well-educated and trained workforce. It is through the strength of our workforce that our businesses can grow and prosper and given New Jersey’s stellar reputation when it comes to our institutions of higher learning, New Jersey is the place to grow your business. CIANJ’s Higher Education Forum seeks to connect our businesses with our institutes of higher education by holding targeted events throughout the year and through the sharing of best practices, information and educational programs.

Human Resources Forum

The workforce issues that permeate every business are the prime concern of these top human resources professionals from throughout the state, who organize quarterly discussions led by industry experts. 

International Forum

The purpose of the International Forum is to bring together business professionals from all sectors to focus on ways we can grow our economy through foreign investment either coming into New Jersey or going abroad. Foreign direct investment (FDI), as it is referred, is fast becoming the trend and CIANJ wants to take a leading role on how FDI can grow our economy by holding meaningful workshops and events throughout the year.

Manufacturing Forum

The Manufacturing Roundtable is intended to be a forum for professionals who work in complimentary disciplines to discuss critical issues that affect manufacturing, facilitate the exchange of knowledge, and to develop relationships that enhance business.

Marketing Forum

Without a savvy marketing strategy, any product or service is doomed to failure. Industry leaders guide this roundtable as it helps businesses promote their brand, harness social media, and determine the best ways to identify new customers and clients.

Non-Profit Forum

Non-Profit organizations have been growing throughout the state in recent years. This forum was designed to be a resource for non-profits to help them better serve their constituents and allow them to interact with for-profit members within the organization.

Real Property Forum

Builders, developers, landowners, property managers, attorneys and insurance executives are drawn to this roundtable that examines New Jersey's commercial real estate industry, identifying new trends and innovations in the marketplace. 

Technology For Business Forum

The continually growing role of technology in every phase of business makes this roundtable a must for every industry. Cybercrimes and security, software innovations, data centers and more have been discussed in this cutting edge forum. 

Transportation Forum

The Transportation Forum will bring together experts and interested stakeholders to discuss concerns surrounding New Jersey's transportation infrastructure. The Transportation Forum will focus on our roads, bridges, tunnels, seaports and airports.

Women in Commerce Forum

The Women in Commerce Forum is exclusively for women in business and provides the professional women of CIANJ with opportunities to  engage, connect, empower and celebrate each other. In addition to networking opportunities, this forum also provides opportunities for professional development and is dedicated to giving back to the community.
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    The mission of Commerce and Industry Association is to be the leader in free enterprise advocacy for the purpose of fostering, through education, legislative vigilance and membership interaction, an economic climate that enhances business potential and makes New Jersey a better state in which to live, work and conduct business.

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