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Member News-Estro Communications
May 8th, 2015

As a first generation Filipino-American, building a business has always been an uphill
battle. Christian Estrellado’s parents immigrated to America with very little money; they came
here with the hopes of building a better future for my brother, Christian, and I (Steve). Since our
parents spoke Tagalog, the native language of the Philippines, English was a foreign language
to us. In order for us to learn English, we were sent to speech class every afternoon.
As young children, growing up in our town was not easy due to the clear cultural
differences. Despite the fact that we thought we did not quite fit in, we knew in our hearts that
one day we would build a legacy. Christian has many qualities that have allowed him to be a
role model and leader to others. He implements three core tenets into his everyday life in order
to guide others: compassion, inspiration, and empowerment. As a young business owner,
Christian’s experience in the business world is unique compared to most other endeavors. It is
rare to have already experienced the emotional rollercoaster of great success and deadly failure
at such a young age. His experiences have allowed Christian to learn from his mistakes and
better himself as a business owner. One of his first accomplishments was working with me,
Steve, in my event marketing company from 2005-2010. We experienced great growth and
worked with many fortune 500 clients such as Pepsi, Nestle and Dr. Pepper. We were lucky
enough to be blessed with early success. When the great recession hit, we experienced a
significant decline in business. This was not easy to overcome, and the next few years were
unbearable. We realized that the business was not properly capitalized, and before we knew it
we were overleveraged and close to facing bankruptcy. We had over $250,000 in debt and we
concluded that downsizing was the only answer.
Seeing firsthand the ultimate rock bottom of business helped Christian learn how to
manage our debt, operate lean, and forecast sales in that business. Most importantly, he
learned that positive cash flow is king. After this traumatic experience, Christian took the time to
retool by taking online courses in computer programming. At this point Christian realized he had
to start over. Fearless of change, Christian took his new foundation and built a digital marketing
& consulting agency, Estro Communications.
Our first initial business was centrally focused on project-based event marketing work,
which left little room for innovation and creativity. As the light for potential in that business
became dim, we turned our attention to where the world is essentially headed, digital marketing
communications, i.e. web development, social media management, search engine optimization
and online reputation management. This type of work opened the door to gain monthly
contractual retainers, which in turn resulted in monthly positive cash flow.
We believe the key to success is the Lean Startup Method, which is a method that
releases cost-effective iterations of a product or service to early adopters by selling a minimal
viable product. This philosophy is inherent in our DNA; it is the ethos of our digital marketing &
consulting agency. All employees in our organization stay relevant by reading up on the industry
and the changes in technology. This philosophy helps us deliver a better and more efficient
service to our customers.
Fast forward to 2014… Estro Communications has emerged as the leading Digital Marketing & Consulting Agency based in Paramus, New Jersey that specializes in web development, social media, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and real-time content advertising. Our mission is to deliver a creative brand personality by promoting an atmosphere of open client collaboration while staying on the cutting edge of marketing and technology. While most clientele are based around the New York/New Jersey area, Estro Communications’ primary market spans vastly across the United States, with clients also based in California.
Estro Communications has the opportunity to experience year over year double-digit growth in SOLOMO (social, local, mobile) marketing. Due to the proliferation of smart phones, we have an opportunity to corner multiple markets, more specifically the medical market. Using real time marketing tactics, we can position our media clients on top of Google search. Without a doubt, search engine is the new advertising, and every click counts.
In the next few years, we will see dramatic changes in the managed health care industry. Patients will need to change the way they visit their doctors, and therefore doctors will need to pinpoint their marketing to the point of emergency. This business model is scalable in multiple markets nationwide, leaving much room for opportunity and growth in this industry. We have realized through experience that the only way to grow is to specialize in a business vertical. The changes in the managed healthcare industry have shifted our strategy to market our services to doctors and dentists. Within the past two years, we have seen evidence of digital strategies that have already increased the patient base of our current clients. To further our growth, we need to build a new website, rank on top of Google search and invest in digital advertising. The building blocks of business start with relationships, meaning we will need to network with doctors and dentists at industry trade shows and events to expand our consumer base.
Giving back to the community is a main priority for Christian. He is dedicated to educating middle school and high school students upon his experience with entrepreneurship. Through the Foundation for Free Enterprise’s Summer Business Camp, Christian is able to pass along his best practices to these students. He is also an active participant in the Rutgers Business School Mentorship Program. This program allows him to give personal success advice to aspiring college students. With his involvement in the community, Christian has been able to influence and inspire hundreds of aspiring young entrepreneurs.
Christian believe that everyone is equal in the business; therefore he sets common goals for all our clients. Furthermore, he extends the principle of respect to our clients as well. The fact that we exchange knowledge and believe that respect is a two way street, ultimately makes our people, products and services better.
R-E-S-P-E-C-T…It is all about respect; it’s the basic demand of every human being. Respect is a feeling of deep admiration, and Christian preaches this to our employees. A business simply cannot function properly without the incorporation of this fundamental principle. We respect their art, time and individual personalities. By respecting each other, we level the playing field and create a positive and productive work environment.

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