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“Congratulations Gov. Christie on 2nd term victory!”
October 17th, 2013

“Congratulations Gov. Christie on 2nd term victory!”

The Private Enterprise Political Action Committee (PENPAC), the political arm of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey, had endorsed Gov. Chris Christie and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, along with other pro-business candidates seeking state Senate and General Assembly seats in districts throughout New Jersey.


The endorsements reflect a cross-section of candidates–incumbents, challengers, Democrats, and Republicans–who are committed to working to improve the business climate in New Jersey with the goal of creating private sector jobs.


“Our board of trustees was impressed by these candidates. They understand our philosophy and they want to create private sector jobs, lower taxes, eliminate burdensome regulations and rein in government to make New Jersey more competitive,” said Tomi Gerber, chairwoman of PENPAC, which is affiliated with the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey.


Each of the candidates who received PENPAC’s support responded to a survey asking for their views on issues critical to New Jersey’s economic growth, such as taxes, transportation, health care, education and energy.  The decisions of the PENPAC trustees were also based on the candidates’ voting records and one-on-one interviews.


PENPAC was established more than 30 years ago. Its mission is to encourage and support candidates willing to serve as business advocates in Trenton. State government is the focus of PENPAC since it regulations and policies can have a direct effect on whether or not a business succeeds in New Jersey.


The candidates endorsed by PENPAC in the Nov. 5 elections are:


For Governor and Lieutenant Governor

The Honorable Chris Christie, R, Governor

The Honorable Kim Guadagno, R, Lt. Governor


District 1

Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt, R, Senate

Samuel Fiocchi, R, Assembly

Kristine Gabor, R, Assembly


District 2

Frank X. Balles, R, Senate

John F. Amodeo*, R, Assembly

Chris A. Brown*, R, Assembly


District 3

Stephen M. Sweeney*, D, Senate

John Burzichelli *, D, Assembly


District 7

Diane Allen*, R, Senate

Anthony Ogozalek, R, Assembly

Jeff Banasz, R, Assembly


District 8

Dawn Marie Addiego*, R, Senate

Chris Brown*, R, Assembly

Maria Rodriques-Gregg, R, Assembly


District 9

Christopher J. Connors*, R, Senate

Brian E. Rumpf*, R, Assembly

DiAnne C. Gove*, R, Assembly


District 10

James W. Holzapfel*, R, Assembly

David W. Wolfe*, R, Assembly

Gregory McGuckin*, R, Assembly


District 11

Jennifer Beck*. R, Senate

Mary Pat Angelini*, R, Assembly

Caroline Casagrande*, R., Assembly


District 12

Samuel D. Thompson*, R, Senate

Ronald S. Dancer*, R, Assembly

Robert Clifton*, R, Assembly


District 13

Joseph Kyrillos*, R, Senate

Declan J. O’Scanlon*, R, Assembly

Amy H. Handlin*, R, Assembly


District 14

Peter A. Inverso, R, Senate

Ronald Haas, R, Assembly

Steve Cook, R, Assembly


District 15

Donald J. Cox, R, Senate

Anthony Giordano, R, Assembly


District 16

Christopher “Kip” Bateman*, R, Senate

Jack Ciattarelli*, R, Assembly

Donna Simon*, R, Assembly


District 17

Upendra Chivukula*, D, Assembly


District 18

David Stahl, R, Senate

Robert A. Bengivenga, R, Assembly

Lisa Goldhamer, R, Assembly


District 19

Robert Luban, R, Senate

Stephanie Ziemba, R, Assembly


District 21

Thomas H. Kean Jr.*, R., Senate

Jon M. Bramnick*, R, Assembly

Nancy Munoz*, R, Assembly


District 22

Robert Sherr, R, Senate

John Campbell, R, Assembly


District 23

Michael J. Doherty*, R, Senate

John DiMaio*, R, Assembly

Erik Peterson*, R, Assembly


District 24

Steven Oroho*, R, Senate

Parker Space*, R, Assembly

Alison McHose*, R, Assembly


District 25

Anthony R. Bucco*, R, Senate

Anthony M. Bucco*, R, Assembly

Michael Patrick Carroll*, R, Assembly


District 26

Joseph Pennacchio*, R, Senate

BettyLou DeCroce*, R, Assembly

Jay Webber*, R, Assembly


District 27

Lee S. Holtzman, R, Senate

Laura M. Ali, R, Assembly

Angelo Tedesco, R, Assembly


District 30

Robert Singer*, R, Senate

Sean T. Kean*, R, Assembly

David Rible*, R, Assembly


District 35

Nellie Pou*, D, Senate


District 36

Brian A. Fitzhenry, R, Senate


District 37

Paul A. Duggan, R, Senate


District 38

Fernando A. Alonso, R, Senate

Joan Fragala, R, Assembly

Joseph J. Scarpa, R, Assembly


District 39

Gerald Cardinale*, R, Senate

Holly Schepisi*, R, Assembly

Robert Auth, R, Assembly


District 40

Kevin J. O’Toole*, R, Senate

David C. Russo*, R, Assembly

Scott T. Rumana*, R, Assembly


* incumbent


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