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CIANJ Launches Higher Education Forum in 2020
January 2nd, 2020

CIANJ Launches Higher Education Forum in 2020

One of CIANJ’s initiatives for 2020 is connecting institutions of higher learning with businesses through our new Higher Education Forum. Workforce development is crucial to the health of our state’s economy and it is imperative that industry leaders connect with colleges and universities who are educating the next generation of employees. We are thrilled to be able connect businesses throughout the state with New Jersey’s leaders in higher education.

Opportunities for the next generation of employees to learn on the job are critical whether it’s through an internship, apprenticeship or other position. For those already in the workforce, partnerships between higher education and businesses help open a dialogue and shape valuable programs like continuing education courses.

The forum is also an opportunity for institutions of higher education to speak to one another about the challenges they face and best practices to address those issues. It also allows for expert advice from other CIANJ members in fields like law, immigration, human resources, accounting and more to help higher education institutions find solutions and innovate new opportunities.

The Higher Education Forum will be holding events throughout 2020 where best practices, information and educational opportunities will be made available. The forum’s first meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 5 at 8 a.m. at CIANJ’s Rochelle Park office. We look forward to this first event which will be a listening session between institutions of higher learning and businesses focused on workforce development.

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