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Matrix New World Engineering Vice President Featured On Health Professional Radio
June 27th, 2019

Matrix New World Engineering Vice President Featured On Health Professional Radio

Dr. Laurie LaPat-Polasko, Microbiologist and Vice President/National Director of Remediation for Matrix New World Engineering (Matrix) spoke with Neal Howard, Host, Health Professional Radio, on contaminants that affect our planet, clean water supply, and basic health.

There are a variety of different contaminants on our planet and more than 90% of these microorganisms are beneficial to us. The natural contaminants that flush from our homes are converted into nonhazardous compounds. The other contaminants developed over the years are the man-made ones created to solely to benefit our lives. Dr. LaPat-Polasko elaborated further, “In the past 20 to 30 years, we have developed ways to take these microbes that we cannot even see and use their powerful enzymes to biodegrade harmful compounds into nonharmful ones. Microorganisms are effective in converting natural and man-made contaminants into noncontaminants.”

According to Jayne Warne, President, “We are pleased to have Dr. LaPat-Polasko use her extensive knowledge to educate and inform about the role microorganisms play in our lives.  Matrix is dedicated to the preservation of our planet and the on-going research needed to establish best practices for our clients and our communities.”

To listen to the interview, please visit:

To speak with Matrix, please contact Amy Delman, Amy Delman Public Relations, LLC, 201.563.4614 or [email protected].

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