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Member News — Ethan Chazin of The Chazin Group Releases Latest Book “The Compassionate Organization”
January 10th, 2018

January 11, 2018

Ethan Chazin, an organizational behavioral trainer and management consultant, has released his latest book, “The Compassionate Organization,” which explores the changing American workplace.

Throughout his 20 years in corporate America, he has lead teams through significant transformations, taught at universities and spoken at many academic institutions on the job search and career-related issues. In addition, Chazin has consulted with over 250 organizations to transform how they recruit, hire and retain top talent. It was through these experiences that Chazin discovered a critical need to share his observations in employing best practices to successfully adapt and change workplace cultures to remain competitive.

“In my book I write about building cultures that thrive by leveraging trust, ethics, and morals and having an impactful vision and mission statement,” Chazin said. “Also, applying the best hiring and retention strategies, emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion.”

Chazin said in the past, employees went to work for organizations in an implicit agreement that they would provide their skills for fair pay.

“If they performed well, they would be rewarded with a modicum of job security and perhaps career advancement,” said Chazin. “Those days of one employer per career are long gone.”

According to Chazin, workers change jobs eight to ten times by the time they reach 35 years old and mature workers and Baby Boomers are leaving the workplace by the tens of thousands every day.

“Millennial workers are taking over roles of increasing importance within organizations. Estimates are Millennials will constitute 75-80 percent of the American workforce by 2020, Chazin said. “Meanwhile, organizations have been ‘flattening out’ their management ranks as they cast off layers of middle management in the past few decades.”

With this huge transfer in the balance of power from older to younger American workers, Chazin said, Millennials are bringing a new set of organizational values, beliefs about work, and a set of ethics and expectations about appropriate organizational behavior.

Most important, said Chazin, is that Millennials expect the organizations they work for share their values, possess a moral compass and care for the environment. Chazin said organizations that understand this have begun to embrace ethics and values as part of their cultures. This is why he says there is a need for a 21st Century “compassionate organization” which he writes about in his new book.

People can learn more and order the book through the links below:

* Amazon

* B&;jsessionid=22A9489127845AF1230B9CF94F574186.prodny_store01-atgap09?ean=9781546217077

* AuthorHouse

* Chazin’s Website

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