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Member News – Myers Wollin, LLC reports attorney training program
November 20th, 2017


This training program has been very successful. In October, 2017 German and European Patent Attorney, Dr. Christoph Bartels from the Hamburg Office of RGTH Patent Attorneys, joined Myers Wolin for three weeks. Dr. Bartels gave a series of presentations on European and German Patent Law and Practice at Myers Wolin and at the International Intellectual Property Society in New York. During his stay he was integrated in the day-to-day business at Myers Wolin and given insight on U.S. patent practice with a dedicated series of presentations prepared by members of the Myers Wolin team.

Dr. Bartels said, “For me, it was a great experience having been given the opportunity to get a practical as well as theoretical insight in U.S. patent prosecution. It is one thing to get up to date on U.S. practice from afar, but working in the same office and receiving direct feedback of experienced U.S. practitioners is invaluable, and I am grateful to the entire team of Myers Wolin for this opportunity.

The Foreign Attorney Training Program at Myers Wolin deepened my understanding of the particulars of U.S. patent practice and the differences to the European practice. I believe that we at RGTH and our European clients will benefit greatly from this program and I will recommend to my colleagues at home to partake in this program as well. I feel strongly that more of these programs should be made possible and I hope that I could provide the team of Myers Wolin with comparable insights in the European Patent practice.”

How the Training Program Works

Visiting attorneys will receive training on practice and procedure from firm attorneys and administrative personnel. Topics include preparation and filing of new applications, drafting and filing responses to a variety of USPTO Office Actions of varying complexity, conducting telephone and video interviews with USPTO Examiners, and possible trips to the USPTO. Substantive training sessions will focus on the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP), Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP), U.S. Federal and State case law, rules and regulations. The firm will use actual applications and Office Actions from firm clients to create the instructional materials that will form part of the training. Visiting attorneys will also have an opportunity to travel to firm clients, conduct client meetings and participate in strategy discussions, and take part in networking meetings designed to broaden the visiting attorney’s exposure to other local counsel. This experience shall prove invaluable for those foreign attorneys that prepare instructions for U.S. counsel.

Foreign attorneys are also encouraged to make presentations to firm attorneys on practice topics from their native country. In addition, visiting attorneys shall be given the opportunity to make a presentation in New York City before the International Intellectual Property Society (IIPS), a continuing legal education organization that reaches local practitioners in the New York/New Jersey area.

An exchange program is also available if the visiting attorney firm or company is amenable to hosting a Myers Wolin attorney. This exchange program will provide the Myers Wolin attorney with a reciprocal experience and similar benefits. The Myers Wolin training program and exchange program is also an excellent way to promote improved relationships between attorneys from each firm or company.

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