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Integrative Health & Medicine Expands Services to ..

Hackensack Meridian Integrative Health & Medicine has expanded services to serve the community in the HOPE Tower at Hackensack Meridian Health Jersey Shore University Medical Center. As of June 10, integrative physician consultations, nurse practitioner consults, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition counseling and RN health coaching services are available.

Integrative Health & Medicine focuses on the health and wellness of the whole person – mind, body and spirit. The team of Integrative Health & Medicine practitioners addresses the impact of lifestyle, environment, and genetics on an individual’s health and well-being, and seeks to optimize health over one’s lifespan addressing the unique circumstances of the individual.

“Our focus is to empower patients to regain and promote optimal health by looking at all aspects of health and wellness,” says David Leopold, M.D., DABFM, DABOIM, medical director of Hackensack Meridian Integrative Health & Medicine. “Through personalized care, we work as partners with primary care physicians and specialists to create a lifestyle and culture that complements the treatment of an illness or management of chronic disease.”

“We understand that the provider/patient relationship is a vital component in the healing process,” says Kenneth Sable, M.D., MBA, FACEP, regional president, southern market, Hackensack Meridian Health. “Integrative Health & Medicine practitioners are inclusive of conventional medicine and therapies, however they go beyond treating symptoms and managing illness, which will be a tremendous benefit for patients receiving care for chronic conditions such as cancer, arthritis, hypertension, chronic pain, depression, obesity and more.”

For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call 732-263-7999 to make an appointment.

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