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Member News -- Case Medical Exceeds Chemical Footp..

Case Medical, Inc. today announced that it met and exceeded the requirements of the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP). Case Medical is a U.S. EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year. Case Medical was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for outstanding achievement in the manufacture of chemistries that are safer for patients, staff, and the environment. Now, the company has received the Chemical Footprint Project’s highest rating for 2018, 91%, for transparency and for bench-marking its chemical footprint and selecting safer alternatives to chemicals of concern.

Case Medical is honored to be included with other leading brands to demonstrate pathways to chemical and material health and to commit to a program for continuous improvement.

“The Chemical Footprint Project allows us to benchmark the reduction and elimination of hazardous chemicals and challenges us to stay innovative-providing only the safest products for patient care and the environment. We are proud to be part of this movement.” said Marcia Frieze, CEO of Case Medical.

The mission of the CFP project is to transform global chemical use by measuring and disclosing data on business progress to safer chemicals.

According to the 2018 CFP report, “Continuous improvement – three years of CFP Surveys highlight the growing capacity of business leaders to develop and execute comprehensive chemical policies, know the chemistry of their products, measure their chemical footprints, and be public about their journeys.”

Case Medical is an FDA registered, ISO certified manufacturer of validated, sustainable and cost effective products for instrument processing. Our reusable sterilization containers and instrument chemistries meet the highest standards for patient safety and environmental preference. Case Medical is a Tier-1 Diversity Supplier and was an inaugural recipient of the U.S. EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year award.

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