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On August 1, 2018, Sobel & Co. employees participated in their eighth annual Day of Community Service – the culmination of months of hard work, preparation and fundraising at the firm.

Each year the firm selects a nonprofit organization from the tri-state area, focusing on raising awareness and raising revenue in support of the organization and its mission. The 2018 effort is led by the firm’s summer audit interns and was coordinated with our Human Resource professionals. Emily Sobel-Grise and Molly Lockwood offered guidance as the five interns took charge.

“The ongoing fun/fund raising events ranged from “Put an Employee in Jail” to “Count the Jelly Beans” and from bake sales to Flamingo Day, each creatively conducted under the leadership of Samantha Levine, Samantha Case, Mark Giles, Theodore Wagner and Michele Mastrofilippo as they worked to build enthusiasm while motivating the staff,” noted Emily Sobel-Grise as the day drew to a close.

After a summer of fund raising initiatives, the interns met their stretch goal of $6600 and the firm contributed $3400. Through their combined efforts the firm was able to proudly present a check for $10,000 to Norwescap!  “Your generosity was totally unexpected. It is terrific to work with people who care about what we do,” said Norwescap Board Chair Tom Pepe upon accepting the check.

The teams tackled many exciting projects for Norwescap, from engaging with the youth activities to gardening, exterior painting, building garden boxes, cleaning, assembling back packs full of school supplies, organizing food bank inventory, and landscaping – the activities gave them the opportunity to add value in a relevant way. As Mark Valli, CEO put it, “The hours spent today by this team of 100 accomplished tasks that it would take a year or more for us to complete!”

Before the day began, Mark shared key statistics with firm, indicating the powerful economic impact of Norwescap and the extraordinary need for support for the ‘hidden poor’ in the five counties they serve. The accessibility of early childhood education, healthy nutrition, family crisis intervention and energy assistance all highlight the vital role this organization plays in the everyday lives of its 30,000+ clients.

Sobel & Co., a firm recognized for its commitment to the community and most especially for its efforts  in support of the nonprofit community, continuously demonstrates its core value of caring about  the community and nurturing a culture of giving.

“We understand how very lucky we are and that, as a result, we have an accountability to others who are not as fortunate. We take this responsibility seriously all year long but it is especially important that our annual Day of Community Service be both relevant and meaningful for us and for the organization. But no matter how much we give, we get much more in return,” said Alan Sobel, Managing Partner of the firm.

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