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New Jersey community college students who transfer to the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) before earning a degree or certificate will find it easier to receive a credential retroactively under a new alliance between NJIT and the National Student Clearinghouse. The initiative, known as Reverse Transfer, has the potential to help thousands of New Jersey students and students from other states who transferred to New Jersey earn their associate’s degree.

Through Reverse Transfer, four- or two-year institutions can securely send course and grade information to any two-year institution from which a student has transferred. If eligible, the student is then awarded an associate degree. By law, New Jersey higher education institutions are required to enter into an operational reverse transfer agreement by September 1, 2018.

“We are very excited to work with the National Student Clearinghouse to implement its Reverse Transfer service,” said Wendy Lin-Cook, associate provost for enrollment management and academic services at NJIT. “We know that our collaborative efforts with local community colleges, such as Bergen Community College, Essex County College, County College of Morris, Union County College and others, will benefit students and showcase the community colleges’ impact in helping students earn their degrees.”

The alliance, which utilizes the Clearinghouse’s Reverse Transfer service, is expected to boost college completion rates and to generate a significant increase in the number of community college credentials awarded. Potential completers are students who are very close to earning some type of postsecondary credential.

“NJIT’s reverse transfer efforts will benefit students and increase New Jersey’s college degree attainment. Studies show that completing an associate degree yields on average approximately $4,640 to $7,160 per annum in extra earnings compared to entering college but not completing an award,” said Michelle Blackwell, national manager of reverse transfer service at the Clearinghouse. “Nationwide, there are more than 4 million students with some college and no degree, according to our Research Center. The Clearinghouse’s Reverse Transfer service will ensure that eligible students earn their associate degree and enhance their employment opportunities.”

For more information about reverse transfer, visit the National Student Clearinghouse’s Reverse Transfer webpage and for more about the Clearinghouse, visit

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