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Member News -- Sobel & Co. Valuation Practice and ..

“We are pleased to announce that EAC Valuations PA has joined the Sobel & Co. Valuation Practice to create Sobel Valuations LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sobel & Co.,” said Alan Sobel, Managing Member of the firm.

“From the first time Frank Merenda, President and CEO of EAC Valuations, met with the Sobel & Co. valuation team, we quickly recognized the power of combining our two groups. By leveraging both firms’ years of experience serving the valuation and appraisals niche market, we are positioned to effectively address the needs of the corporate business community, ” Sobel continued.

The well-established EAC brand will continue to go to market independently, as well as together, under Sobel Valuations. This flexibility enables them to assemble a team of professionals across a wide range of disciplines. Their combined staff hold designations including CPAs, CFEs, MBAs, CFFs, ASAs, CVAs and many other certifications that broaden the scope of both firms.

The Sobel & Co. Valuation Practice will benefit from Frank’s adherence to EAC’s long standing mission, his deep commitment to its high standards and his well-regarded valuation and appraisal expertise gained throughout his years in the top leadership role at EAC.

“I am glad that I have the opportunity to draw on my experiences conducting a wide variety of valuations, such as Fair Value (both ASC and IFRS), Appraisals of Intangible Assets, Deferred Compensation, and Purchase Price Allocations for Financial Reporting, and Fair Market Value Appraisals for Property Tax, Insurance, Corporate Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Gift/Estate Appraisal. EAC has almost 50 years as a leader in the valuation community completing more than 14,000 appraisals for clients ranging from multi-billion dollar companies to privately-held manufacturing and service companies. Joining our depth of experience with Sobel & Co.’s 60+ year legacy is a positive step for both organizations, and most importantly, for the clients we serve,” added Frank Merenda.

The move will reinforce existing services and further expand the menu of Sobel & Co.’s valuation capabilities, which include business valuations, financial reporting valuations, strategic advisory services, commercial damages, corporate and partnership disputes, matrimonial dissolutions, estate and gift valuations, shareholder and partner buy-outs, mergers & acquisitions and a diversity of other valuation services. Whether the company is a start-up or a mature established organization, an independent business valuation is a proven tool for strategic planning.

Team members from both practice groups will collaborate to enhance and compliment these options, adding valuations for machinery and equipment, commercial and industrial real estate, intangible assets, and deferred compensation to the mix. The practice will also provide appraisals for insurance placement, personal property tax disputes and purchase price allocations.

EAC is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA and Sobel & Co. is located in Livingston, New Jersey. While closely integrating their valuation resources, both firms will also continue to do business from their New Jersey and Pennsylvania offices in order to create a greater geographic footprint and increase their reach across the tri-state area.

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