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CIANJ Statement: Paid Leave Mandate Would Create B..

TRENTON (March 12, 2018) – The Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey testified today against A1827 which would require employers to provide paid leave for their employees.

“We believe the decision on how to compensate employees, whether salary or fringe benefits, is strictly a business decision and should not be mandated by government,” said Anthony Russo, President of CIANJ. “This legislation will simply add additional burdens onto employers and increase the likelihood of litigation from disgruntled employees.”

CIANJ members appreciate the value their employees bring to their businesses and do not take them for granted. For most of our members, personnel is by far the largest expense line in their budget.  Many of our member businesses offer generous paid time off programs and provide the needed flexibility to their employees when the need arises to tend to themselves or to sick family members.

“We fully respect and appreciate the intent of the legislation and the role of government when it comes to enacting anti-discrimination and harassment legislation, the setting of workplace safety standards,” said Russo. “What we oppose is government’s involvement in the compensation of employees, especially when it is private capital that is being invested in the business.”

CIANJ recognizes that paid time off is a benefit many companies utilize to retain employees and attract new ones.  The number of days offered varies from company to company and industry to industry.  Many factors go into the establishment of a benefits program and no one model, or approach is ideal for every business.

“The important thing to highlight is that paid leave should be market driven and not government mandated,” Russo said.

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