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CEO Roundtable

Exclusive forum for chief executives

The CEO Roundtable provides a forum for chief executive officers or business owners to seek advice and share experiences. Participants freely discuss issues they confront daily, such as compensations, financing, dealing with family members, relocations, sale of a business and many of the topics.

The CEO Roundtable is a group of eight to 10 business owners or corporate executives from non-competing companies which meets regularly to offer “no holds barred” advice and insights.

One CEO Roundtable was established several years ago and there are plans to launch a second.

Participants must be chief executive, president, corporate officers or owners of a for-profit business that employees 10 to 100 workers.

Members must commit to participate at monthly, two-and-a-half hour meetings to exchange information.

Each participant is encouraged to present his or her own specific questions, dilemmas and situation for peer consideration.

There is a strict confidentiality agreement among the participants to ensure that all issues can be discussed freely and constructively.