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Business Impact Group (BIG)

a new focus to Small Business

BIG (Business Impact Group) brings a new focus to Small Business.

BIG has joined CIANJ and will be working with the Small Business Council to bring value to the small business sector within CIANJ and the New Jersey Small business community. BIG operates as a closed group within CIANJ similar to the CEO Roundtable providing an opportunity for its members to gain insights in a peer-to-peer atmosphere. In addition to acting as a board of directors in our closed meetings, BIG will be reaching out to the general membership by creating programs that will benefit the smaller business members of CIANJ.

BIG Mission

The group’s mission is to help small businesses in CIANJ through active leadership in the small business council, and holding networking and educational events targeted to the small business community.

Active membership:

  • Increases each member’s exposure in the business community
  • Is designed to increase sales opportunities through networking events targeted to the small business members.
  • Expand member’s business capabilities and opportunities by developing effective partnerships.
  • Increase business knowledge and experience.

Steering Committee

Fred Amicucci
[email protected]
Data Screening
George Aslan
[email protected]
Aslan & Company, Inc.
Rick Bernstein
[email protected]
MBM Advertising LLC
Peter Cagiao
[email protected]
Accounting Logistics, LLC
Eric Cohen
[email protected]
Benefit Quest, Inc.
Kathy Entwistle
[email protected]
UBS Financial Services
Jason Erazo
[email protected]
Safari Telecom
Trevor Flowers
[email protected]
Thor Helical-USA
Jim Hunt
[email protected]
Tenaglia Hunt P.A.
Marjorie Keihm
[email protected]
Electronic Office Systems
Jeff Kramer
[email protected]
Jeff Kramer Associates
John Montoro
[email protected]
Montoro Architectural Group, P.C.
Michael Rabinowitz
[email protected]
GRM Document Management
Justin Ross
[email protected]
Monkey Reel Media LLC
Ray Shupak
[email protected]
Techminds Group LLC
Bruce Silberman
[email protected]
Jersey Mortgage Company
Bill Taylor
[email protected]
Corporate Ladders



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    The mission of Commerce and Industry Association is to be the leader in free enterprise advocacy for the purpose of fostering, through education, legislative vigilance and membership interaction, an economic climate that enhances business potential and makes New Jersey a better state in which to live, work and conduct business.

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