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Issue Advocacy

Voice of the business community

CIANJ works to make certain the business community’s concerns are heard by government officials. As a proponent of free enterprise, CIANJ forged a relationship with Gov. Chris Christie and many state and federal lawmakers, enabling the organization to be an effective advocate for business.

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John Galandak, president of the CIANJ, was appointed by Christie to serve on the Red Tape Commission, headed by Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno. The commission was established to review all state regulations and practices and its goal is to simplify them and eliminate burdensome ones that hamper job growth and commerce. Asa member of the commission, Galandak is well positioned to articulate business concerns and help foster changes needed to improve New Jersey’s business climate.

Our organization continually monitors state and federal legislative actions also. CIANJ will testify before lawmakers and state agencies on many issues, including taxes, regulations, policies, initiatives and programs affecting free enterprise and business’ ability to succeed and expand.

Often times, in addition to submitting oral and written testimony, the CIANJ will meet with key lawmakers and ranking department heads to more fully express the views of business. When our members identify an issue with government regulations or policies which is adversely affecting them, CIANJ works to remedy the problem, bringing it to the attention of officials empowered with the authority to affect changes that will benefit business across the New Jersey.